Appearance in all courts; commercial and contract disputes; Motor Accidents Compensation; Workers Compensation; building disputes; civil matters and appeals.

Joanne Young v Josephine Smith – Contempt [2017] NSWSC 1443

In this matter Greg Walsh acted for Joanne Young (Plantiff) JUDGMENT 1 On 2 August 2016, the Contemnor, Ms Josephine Aapa Smith was found guilty of contempt of Court. The Court, as presently … Continue

Barbanera v Barbabera Anors: Estate of the late Antonio Barbanera [2017] NSWSC 357

John Barbanera is the oldest son of Antonio Barbanera and Maria Barbanera. Antonio died on 3 1 October 2014 and Maria November 2009. John has three younger siblings Nunzia, Peter and Angela. Angela … Continue


Alex Simmons sustained serious injuries as a result of an accident that occurred on 11 April 2007 whilst he was riding his bicycle through a car park adjacent to the St George Sailing … Continue

Reid v Wright [2014] NSWSC 1110

In this matter Greg Walsh acted for Christine Reid who claims damages for professional negligence against her former solicitor, Diane Wright. The proceedings were commenced by statement of claim filed in the Supreme … Continue

Turia Pitt and RacingThePlanet

Greg Walsh acted for Turia Pitt who was injured in a fire while competing in an Ultramarathon in the Kimberley region of Australia. Mr Walsh commenced proceedings and the case against RacingThePlanet was … Continue

Motor Vehicle Accident – MV as next friend for MM and SM v D

On 4 August 1996 MM was a passenger (in utero) that was driven by her father and had been built, rebuilt and modified as Hot Rod. The vehicle was being driven on an … Continue

AA v BB [2013] NSWSC1956

In this matter Greg Walsh acted for AA in a hearing before Barr AJ in the Supreme Court of NSW. The Plaintiff is the daughter of the Defendant and CC.  She is now … Continue

Simmons v Rockdale City Council

Mr Walsh Acted for a champion cyclist Mr Simmons who lost his leg after colliding with a steel boomgate over one of the city’s most popular cycle routes. Justice Peter Hall awarded Mr … Continue

Young v Young & Anor [2013] NSWSC 330

Read the judgment of Her Honour Adamson J Young v Young & Anor View story: $3 million victory for ex-wife

Richardson v Laing O’Rourke (BMC) Pty Ltd (2012)

In this matter, Greg Walsh acted for Julian Richardson – a Plaintiff in an action against his employer. On 13 November 2007, whilst conducting his duties as an employed “Linesman” and working on … Continue