Motor Vehicle Accident – MV as next friend for MM and SM v D

Motor Vehicle Accident – MV as next friend for MM and SM v D

On 4 August 1996 MM was a passenger (in utero) that was driven by her father and had been built, rebuilt and modified as Hot Rod.

The vehicle was being driven on an outer Western Sydney Road and whilst being driven by D in negotiating a right hand bend on the roadway he lost control of the motor vehicle and SM suffered catastrophic injuries.

SM was admitted to WestmeadHospital where she underwent emergency surgery.  She suffered horrific injuries including a brain injury and as a result was rendered totally blind.

MM was delivered by Caesarean Section suffering from Hyaline Membrane Disease, Intraventricular Haemorrhage and associated Hydrocephalus.    These conditions were causally related to her prematurity (25 weeks) and extremely low birth weight (714g).

MM remained as an inpatient at WestmeadHospital from the date of the accident until 14 October 1996.  She suffered from Post-haemorrhagic Hydrocephalus, Periventricular Leukomalacia, chronic lung disease and Retinopathy of prematurity.    Her mother remained in WestmeadHospital for nine months.

MM was eventually discharged into the care of devoted grandmother MV who had the onerous task of not only caring for her catastrophically injured daughter SM, but also her grand-daughter MM.

MV applied herself in an absolutely devoted way to the ongoing care and support of her tragically injured daughter and grand-daughter.

Greg Walsh was instructed to act for SM and MM.  The next friend was MV.  As a result of the devoted efforts of MV and due to intensive rehabilitative treatment SM was eventually able to live with her mother and daughter in the most difficult of circumstances.  Her disabilities were such that she required constant care and ongoing rehabilitative treatment.

MM experienced neurological problems including a blocked shunt.  She underwent operative care by her very experienced and devoted neurosurgeon, Dr Chaseling.

MM suffered from Cerebral Palsy and significant difficulties with her gait.  She was treated by many specialists and gradually improved due to the devoted efforts of these medical and other practitioners.

In time and indeed over many years MM gradually improved.  This no doubt was not only due to the tremendous efforts of her doctors and other specialists but the absolute devotion of her grandmother.

As a result of the complex nature of MM’s injuries and disabilities and despite proceedings being instituted in the Supreme Court relatively shortly after the accident, MM’s matter was not resolved until February 2014.  Thus Greg Walsh in effect had been acting for MM for approximately 16 years.

Although there were complex issues as to causation the matter was eventually resolved for an amount of $4 million plus out of pocket expenses.

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