AA v BB [2013] NSWSC1956

AA v BB [2013] NSWSC1956

In this matter Greg Walsh acted for AA in a hearing before Barr AJ in the Supreme Court of NSW.

The Plaintiff is the daughter of the Defendant and CC.  She is now 19 years of age.  The Defendant began sexually interfering with the Plaintiff when she was five and continuing until she was twelve.  Plaintiff sought aggravated and exemplary damages, interest and costs.

The Defendant agreed with the facts pleaded including those relevant to aggravated damages.  He also agreed that exemplary damages were appropriate.

Barr AJ set out the particulars of the assaults pleaded including the effects on the Plaintiff.  His Honour acknowledged that the effects upon the Plaintiff had been profound and in particular noted the impact of the abuse upon the Plaintiff’s capacity to maintain relationships including her sibling and her mother.

His Honour noted the tragic history of the Plaintiff including attempting to kill herself by cutting her throat.  She was saved in emergency surgery but was committed to the care of mental health services.  Since 2011 the Plaintiff has suffered seizures and has descended into coma.

A report of Dr Colette Hourigan was entered as was a lengthy report of Dr Patricia Jungfer.

His Honour awarded the Plaintiff damages as follows:

  • General damages $200,000;
  • Future medical expenses $75,000;
  • Future economic loss $250,000;
  • Aggravated damages $100,000;
  • Exemplary damages $100,000.

Total $725,000.

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