Case Archives: September 1997

Hancock v Bankstown Counsil & Anor (1997)

Represented an infant plaintiff in a civil action arising from a tragic accident in which the plaintiff’s penis was severed whilst sliding on an aluminium seat. The infant was awarded $350,000 damages .

BRS v The Queen (1997) HCA 47 (25 September 1997)

In this matter Greg Walsh represented the appellant in an appeal to the High Court of Australia. The appellant had been convicted of five counts of sexual assault whilst he was a teacher … Continue

Woodham v Independant Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) (1997)

Represented Mr Woodham in a civil action in the Supreme Court heard by Grove J, whereupon findings made by Mr Temby, ICAC Commissioner, were overturned.

R v A (Juvenile) (1997-1998)

Represented a juvenile in respect of a notorious murder known as the “Campsie Driveby Shooting”. Juvenile ultimately pleaded guilty to manslaughter and sentenced to 2 years detention in a juvenile institution.