Suncorp Metway Limited v Scarf (2003) NSWCCA 185

In this matter Greg Walsh acted for the respondent in respect of a matter heard in the District Court and ultimately heard in the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal. The case involved a motor vehicle accident and a claim upon an insurance policy – where the term of the police refusing indemnity if, at the time of the event which gave rise to the loss, the motor vehicle was being driven by a person whose faculties were impaired or who was under the influence of alcohol – whether the insurer had established entitlement to refuse indemnity – difficulty of attracting appellate intervention where the trial judge comes to a conclusion in favour of party upon whom the burden of proof does not lie – where there is competing expert evidence – whether trial judge’s conclusions were based on credit where inconsistent with incontrovertibly established facts – whether insured made a fraudulent misrepresentation under s28(2) Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) – whether the insurer is obliged to pay interest in accordance with s57(2) of the Insurance Contracts Act – the appeal was dismissed and the amount awarded by the District Court Judge in the sum of $224,527.00 was not interfered with.