Bell v Read (1999)

Represented on a pro bono basis an Aboriginal plaintiff in a Civil Action with respect to professional negligence at Wagga Wagga.

Rapson v Wright & Anor (1999, Unreported, NSWDC)

In this matter Greg Walsh represented the plaintiffs, Dr Rapson and his wife, in a civil action in respect of malicious prosecution. The plaintiff’s were successful and verdict was entered in their favour, each receiving $100,000.

Farrell v Star City Casino (1999)

Represented the plaintiff in a successful civil action for assault and false imprisonment arising from the conduct of a bouncer at Star City Casino in Sydney.

Forbes v Boston & Anor (1999)

Represented a successful plaintiff in a civil action arising from denial of procedural fairness by the Department of Education.

Garbutt v Muswellbrook Shire Council (1999)

Represented a successful plaintiff in a civil action arising from a fall from the Muswellbrook Bridge.

Rendell v State of NSW & Ors (1999)

Greg Walsh successfully represented Mr Rendell in an action against the State of New South Wales for malicious prosecution arising from his wrongful conviction and sentence. Mr Rendell had served 10 years in prison.

Hannan v Commonwealth of Australia (1998)

Defence Force employee awarded $2.2 million as a result of a repelling accident.

Hunter v United States of America (1998)

Greg Walsh represented the appellant in respect of an application for review arising from an order for surrender upon extradition. Spender J upheld seventeen of the eighteen objections.

Hancock v Bankstown Counsil & Anor (1997)

Represented an infant plaintiff in a civil action arising from a tragic accident in which the plaintiff’s penis was severed whilst sliding on an aluminium seat. The infant was awarded $350,000 damages .

Woodham v Independant Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) (1997)

Represented Mr Woodham in a civil action in the Supreme Court heard by Grove J, whereupon findings made by Mr Temby, ICAC Commissioner, were overturned.

McLeod-Lindsay v State of NSW (1996-1997)

Represented Mr McLeod-Lindsay in civil proceedings arising from his alleged wrongful conviction and false imprisonment. This matter was successfully mediated by Sir Laurence Street.

Hartnett & Ors v State of NSW (1995-2000)

In this matter Greg Walsh represented 68 plaintiffs in civil proceedings instituted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales arising from their wrongful detention and imprisonment. The case was a complex one involving a large number of plaintiffs.

Represented children in the case that became known as the ‘Children of God” case. Care proceedings were conducted over 42 hearing days and represented the children in respect of those care proceedings. The proceedings were ultimately terminated as a result of the mediation conducted by Sir Laurence Street.